Fee Schedule

2016 Building Inspection Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule Adopted Under Resolution 01-02-2017

Plan Commission Matters  
Application – Commercial $175.00 each of 1st three meetings
(or per diem cost)
Application – Non-Commercial $175.00 or per diem cost of meeting
Research and Mailings $10.00/Hr
Additional Work by Town Staff $20.00/Hr
Alcoholic Beverages Matters  
Class B Fermented Malt Beverages $100.00
Class B Liquor License $200.00
License Publication Fee $55.00
Operator’s License $25.00
Noise Control Ordinance  
Special Event Permit Application $35.00
Special Event Application Appeal Fee $125.00
Dog Licensing/Kennel  
Male Dog $8.00
Female Dog $8.00
Spade Female Dog $3.00
Neutered Male Dog $3.00
Kennel License $35.00 (up to 12 dogs)
Additional dogs (over 12) $3.00/dog
Driveway Permit Fee $75.00
Photocopying/Image/Scanning Charge .25/Page (Standard Sheet)
Special Assessment Search $25.00
Special Town Board Meeting $135.00
Public Record and Information Requests $20.00 per hour or if a Temporary Agency is contracted to process the request the actual Temporary Agency costs will be passed onto the requestor
Bank Service Fee for NSF Items (checks or electronic payments deposited returned for insufficient funds) Bank Service Fee are set by the bank and that charge will be passed onto the issuer of the payment, on 1/2/2017 NSF was $35.00